a little about me

"I'm Harvey Samuel, a community-taught software engineer with a strong foundation in full-stack web development and a passion for problem-solving. My journey began with an intensive program at 100Devs Agency, followed by earning a JavaScript certification from freeCodeCamp. What sets me apart is my dedication to learning and embracing mistakes as valuable lessons.

My experience at Wells Fargo's research department honed my analytical skills, leading me to coding. Today, I excel in Python, particularly in API development and data structures, and I'm also well-versed in JavaScript for web development.

I'm driven by the goal of becoming a proficient senior within the next two years, guided by a continuous learning mindset. I thrive in collaborative team environments and relish innovation challenges. Most importantly, I'm excited to make a real impact by crafting solutions that help people overcome their challenges, no matter how big or small.

While you're here, check out some of my awesome work, and once you're done, let's connect to explore how my skills and passion can contribute to your team's success."


I am always open to connecting with new friends, talking anime, working on new projects, or just shooting breeze with my fellow techies.

Email me at hire-me@abeardeddev.me or shoot me a quick message using the form below!